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In the year 2078, life as we know it ceased to exist.

As scientists predicted, global warming reached a critical point. And after decades of deforestation, oil dependency, and rampant pollution, nature struck back! It unleashed hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, in what became known as the Great Extinction Event. Civilization was completely and utterly destroyed and Mother Nature once again reclaimed the Earth.

Enter the Guardians!

41 million years in the future what on Earth will the Guardians find next?

41 million years in the future. What on Earth will the Guardians find next?

Guardians Evolution takes kids on a wild ride into the distant future where a group of teens take on evil to save post-apocalyptic earth. Funny, exciting and filled with adventure, this stop motion science fiction television show is a wild and cautionary environmental tale. Join Arimus and the rest of the Guardians on APTN or download the game and become part of the action yourself!

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