Into The Abyss – The New Guardians Game is available free on the App Store!

Dive into the endless animated undersea world of Guardians Evolution. Navigate the deep sea and find valuable power-ups to save the Lentrac energy from Danton and his evil Henchbots.


Season 2 Game Features

Endless Play
—Game renews endlessly fuelled by the Lentraq energy you collect

Choice of Ship.
—Dropship play is free.
—In-app purchase to pilot your own Podcraft

Collect Fun Power-Ups
1. Blaster Boost to make your shots more powerful
2. Speed Boost helps you evade Danton and beat him at his game.
3. Magnet can pull the Lentraq energy right to you.
4. Autopilot calculates the optimum route
5. Energy Boosts save you when you run out of energy.

Play in English or in Cree.

See if you can spot the giant elusive Flurander swimming in the deep!

Share scores with your friends and join the leaderboards if you dare.

Direct links to the Guardians Evolution web site and to the fun and free season one Guardians Evolution game!

Join Aramis, Erin, Chema. Kaulter And Valta in Season 2 of Guardians Evolution the popular stop-motion animated kids TV show Guardians Evolution on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) as they save Earth from Danton and his evil henchbots after the Great Extinction Event.