CHUM – Support Robot/Mentor

CHUM – Support Robot/Mentor

Chum is an advanced robot programmed to support the Guardians.  At 9’ tall, he is quite powerful and can bring much-needed muscle to missions.  Each biosphere bunker has one unit like Chum (although they have different names depending on which bunker they’re from).  And Chum, in turn, is supported by several Sentry Guards robots.

Can Chum help the Guardians restore power?

Can Chum help the Guardians restore power?

Chum has the most advanced artificial intelligence programming in the world.  And while he was programmed to support the Guardians upon their release from their cryo-pods, little did he know he’d have to take care of five teens!  Chum is a quirky, witty robot who has taken it upon himself to be a surrogate parental unit for the kids sometimes, until they can figure out how to release their parents from cryogenic freezing.

Chum points the way.

Chum acts like a parent sometimes!

DANTON – Evil Henchbot

DANTON – Evil Henchbot
Danton is an advanced robotic support unit similar to Chum.  But while Chum was responsible for Bunker Number Seven, Danton was responsible for Bunker Number Nine – the bunker that contained Ambrona.  When Ambrona’s mind was released from cryo-freezing, he realized immediately that he needed someone to carry out his physical demands.  So he programmed Danton to modify himself, transforming the benevolent support robot into more of a warlike, hunter unit.  Furthermore, he had Danton modify his Sentry Guards to follow his orders.

Will Danton load the plasma core into the drill and destroy the trees!

Who will stop Danton loading the plasma core into the drill?

Danton is a highly intelligent support bot like Chum.  While he is Ambrona’s primary servant, he does have a mind of his own.  Working for Ambrona is not easy – even on the best of days!  As the series progresses, Danton will start to have ambitions of his own.  He’ll start to realize that, instead of helping the practically incapacitated (and thankless!) Ambrona achieve world domination, why not take over the world for himself?

SENTRY GUARDS – Ambrona’s Evil Followers

SENTRY GUARDS – Evil Followers

Ambrona has a small army of support units that act as security, maintenance, or scientific robots.

Danton's henchbots are everywhere on New Earth.

Danton’s henchbots are everywhere on New Earth.

They are mindless followers, programmed to take orders from only Ambrona and Danton.

Mindless henchbots execute Ambrona's master plan.

Mindless henchbots execute Ambrona’s master plan.